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Why Luisant Hair Extensions?


We launched Luisant Hair because we believe you deserve better. We want to make the ‘hair game’ a fair game. We want to make sure you receive what you think you are buying. If it is Remy hair you are after, Remy hair is what you will get. If Virgin hair is what you want, rest assured that is what we will send your way! We will spare you the sales pitch and we will not confuse you with hair ‘grades’ and endless types.

We want to help you make informed decisions. We believe in adding value and we will only provide the best quality hair in the market. Integrity is hugely important to us - what you see is exactly what you will get!

 Here’s why investing in Luisant hair extensions will be one of the best beauty decisions you will ever make.



1. Easy to wear

Our Clip-In Remy and Clip-In Virgin collections come with 8 wefts. These wefts have different widths and number of clips so that they can easily blend with different sections of your natural hair without anyone noticing it ☺

2. Easy to wash

Luisant hair extensions are so easy to wash and store. Save some precious time in the mornings by not having to wash, blow dry and style your natural hair!

1. Easy to take care of

So easy to take care of at home with just few simple steps. Clip-in extensions take only a few minutes to put into your hair and you’re ready to go.

4. Easy to Style

Luisant hair extensions take only a few minutes to put into your hair and you’re ready to go. Simply clip in a few pieces here and there and add a sparkly headband or you favourite hair accessory and you’re all set. Or pull it all up into a stylish high pony-tail ala Ariana Grande!

5. Increase Hair Length Instantly!

If you are like many people who have trouble growing your hair out, Luisant Hair Clip-in extensions can give you the long hair look you’ve been dreaming about within minutes. They are made of high-quality material, blend easily with your natural hair, and look great.

6. Add Volume and Thickness

A few well-placed high-quality Luisant hair wefts can give you the volume at the crown and underneath to plump up the back and provide a fuller look to the hair around the sides of your face.

7. Experiment without damaging your hair

Enjoy the freedom to change your style whenever you want! You will never again have to worry about bad hair days. If you want to change the colour of your hair or add waves or curls, go for it! All this is achievable, without causing any damage to your natural hair at all!

8. Give Yourself A New Look

Add length and fullness to your hair to create the perfect messy bun, space buns, or Dutch braid. Throw-on your favourite accessories such as clips, barrettes, and chopsticks, and you’re good to go. Enjoy endless style possibilities with literally a snap of your fingers!

9. Try Out a New Hair Colour

We offer many different colours and it is an easy way to experiment with various looks without damaging your hair. You can add in highlights, or lowlights, or try out the ombre look. There are no long-term commitments to a certain colour or style.

10. Special Occasions

Hair extensions are a great way to create a glamorous, sophisticated style for a wedding, graduation or any special occasion! Rock your special day with a beautiful cascading hairstyle for that elegant and classy look. Clip-in or tape extensions give you the freedom to wear your hair as you like it.

Free Shipping and Free Returns

We ship across the world. All shipping is FREE within the UK. On international orders, FREE shipping is provided on orders over £250. We are happy to accept returns and exchanges within 120 days on all hair extensions that have not been opened or tampered with. This is because we take matters of hygiene seriously and do not accept opened items for the safety of our customers.