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20" Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions that we offer

Our 20" Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions:


Invisi-Tape In extensions are the newest trend in the market. These extensions are considered as the go-to extension for the most invisible feel. Crafted by hand, the hair is hand sewn directly onto the invisible PU weft of the tape which holds each strand of hair together. This means that there is no shiny tape showing through or other attachments being visible, which is going to create beautiful and natural volume and length. They are totally discreet and no one will know you are wearing them.Luisant hair uses 100% soft cuticle remy hair giving the illusion that the invisible tape-in hair extensions are growing straight from yor scalp,undetectable, just like your own hair.
Our 20" Regular Tape-In Hair Extensions:


Our regular tape-in extensions are bonded to a small, thin, soft & flexible panel strip. This is the bond that holds the extensions together.  Our bonds are far higher quality than most and don't fall apart. The tape is thin yet strong, great if you don't have any issues with your bonds showing through because your hair is thick enough. This range usually lasts around 6-8 weeks before needing adjustment. More permanent and less bulky than clip-in hair extensions, they are favoured for their easy application and for more natural finish. For installation of these extensions we recommend getting an appointment with your hairstylist and enjoy long and voluminous hair for weeks.