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Things to consider before buying hair extensions:


What’s with all the celebrities changing their look every few months? You can easily switch up your hairstyle too by adding length and volume with hair extensions. But where do you start? 



The first thing that you have to decide is whether you want tape-in or clip-in extensions. Tape-ins can last up to six to eight weeks if you take good care of it, and should preferably be installed by a hair stylist. Clip-ins are the easiest and fastest way to add length and volume and you can easily put them in yourself and they require less daily care. 


The second thing to consider is if you want synthetic hair, which is less expensive but also low quality, or natural human hair, which is a bit expensive but they look natural and can easily be dyed and styled with hot tools. In the long-run investing in good quality hair will pay off. If you are looking for good quality, the best option is Virgin hair, which is human hair that has not been dyed or treated. The second best option is Remy hair, which is human hair with cuticles intact and comes from a single donor. 


The third thing is to choose the right colour and length according to your existing hair. Choose the colour closest to the ends of your natural hair so that it blends well. The length of the extensions is important as you don’t want to have a noticeable line where your natural hair ends and the extensions begin. If your hair is very short, you can add extensions to make it longer but it would be wise to visit a hair stylist who can cut and style the extensions to blend it with your natural hair. 


A good source of high quality human hair extensions is Luisant Hair, where you can find both Remy and Virgin hair that is smooth and luxurious and still affordable. You will find various options for styling such as clip-ins, tape-ins, bangs, ponytails, halo and even strands of colourful hair to add oomph to your style. Most products come in four different lengths and nineteen different colours and they even offer a free hair matching service where they can suggest a good match to your natural hair. 


If you want to instantly make your hair longer and luxurious, hair extensions are the way to go. Follow  the few basic tips mentioned above and you will have a new beautiful you!