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Tape-In Hair Extensions

                              Tape-In Hair Extension Collection-Luisant Hair


Our Tape-In hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. Each set consists of 40 wefts, each weft 4 cm wide.
These extensions are the newest trend in the market. Each set contains 100g of hair. Each weft gets 'taped-in' between your own hair in sandwich-like bonds. After application you can curl or straighten them depending on your mood and style.
For best results we recommend you get them taped-in with the help of a professional hairdresser.



 Tape-In Hair Extension Collection-Luisant Hair


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Taking care of Tape-in hair extensions



Wash you hair 72 hours after installation. Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner are a must-do for anyone, regardless of whether or not you wear hair extensions. However, if you’re wearing tape-in extensions, this becomes a non-negotiable. Tape-ins are attached to your hair, just below the root, and as they are not your own hair, they do not benefit from the natural oils produced by your scalp. So if your shampoo strips your extensions of their coating, they will become dry, coarse and brittle. Sulphate free products will not remove the coating and therefore extend the life of your tape-ins.


Wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Be sure to brush your hair using a hair extensions brush before you wash your hair. This will help get rid of any natural hair that you have shed (part of the normal life-cycle of hair). Shed hair, if not removed, can cause matting to your tape-ins around where the bonds sit. Use a sulphate-free conditioner after shampooing and apply it from the bottom up, only up to the mid-shaft of the hair. Rub conditioner up and down gently. With tape-ins, you will have to be careful to not apply any products on the bonds that might cause the glue to come undone. Once the conditioner is in, gently untangle any knots, using your fingertips.


Time permits, try to let your hair dry naturally after washing. When hair is wet, please dont comb your hair. You must use a good detangling spray or serum of your choice, again making sure that you don’t apply any product to the bonds themselves. You can also use essential oil or coconut oil when hair are half dry to prevent dryness and tangles. This will help sort out the knots and make it much easier to style your hair.


After detangling, use a good heat protector on your hair before blow-drying. Make sure you dry out the extensions especially well (on low heat), to ensure there is no moisture left between the bonds. Once the roots are dry, use a hair extensions brush to even out any knots in the hair shaft. You may let your hair air dry now, or proceed with styling it using hot tools – all the while avoiding the roots where the bonds sit.


Brush your hair with a hair extensions hair brush to even out knots, before going to bed. Plait it loosely to avoid the formation of knots while you sleep, and last but not the least, sleep on a silk pillow as that also prevents unnecessary entangling of the hair.