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Premium Collection


Premium Gold Collection-Luisant Hair
Our Premium Gold Collection
Premium Silver Collection-Luisant Hair
Our Premium Silver Collection


Our Premium Collection comes in 2 product ranges.

Premium Gold Collection

These clip-in Remy Hair extensions are known for their consistency – that is to say their length is mostly the same from top to bottom. They, therefore, give you both the volume and the brilliance you will love to wear. Not to mention the best quality known to women.

Premium Silver Collection

These clip-in Remy Hair extensions adhere to the same standards to high quality and brilliance that Luisant Hair has come to be known and admired for. However, this range does not offer the consistency that comes with the Gold Collection. The hair strands in extensions are therefore thicker at the top and get thinner as you stroke through the bottom, pretty much as you would normally expect your natural hair to be like.