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Our Remy Clip-In Collection

Our Remy Hair last from a few months to as long as a year. They are 100% human hair. Luisant Remy are the best quality Remy you would find in the market.

This Collection is made from what the rest of the industry describes as Remy Hair. And we don’t even need to tell you that when it comes from Luisant Hair it will be 100% Remy. These clip-in Remy Hair extensions are known for their consistency – that is to say their length is mostly the same from top to bottom. They, therefore, give you both the volume and the brilliance you will love to wear. Not to mention the best quality known to women☺. 


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What are Clip-In Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions, are hair extension wefts that you simply clip on to your own hair. They are a temporary, quick, easy and safe way to give your natural hair some great length and volume #. read more ...

How to take care of your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions that are made from real human hair require proper care just like your own. Since clip-ins are not exposed to elements for a long time, they require much less care. read more ...

What must I consider before buying Hair Extensions?

The first thing that you have to decide is whether you want tape-in or clip-in extensions. Tape-ins can last up to six to eight weeks if you take good care of it, and should preferably be installed by a hair stylist. Clip-ins are the easiest and fastest way to add length and volume and you can easily put them in yourself and they require less daily care.  read more ...

Quick Tips for Healthy Hair:

Keep your scalp healthy:

A healthy and nourished scalp will automatically lead to a good head of hair. Dandruff is a common problem that leads to hair fall and makes the scalp look oily and the hair dry. A quick, easy and cheap solution for this can be found in your kitchen! read more ...