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Our Clip-In Collections


Luisant Remy Clip-In Collection:

Our Remy Clip-In hair last from a few months to as long as a year. While they are processed (yes - let us share a little secret - all Remy Hair are!) they are 100% human hair. Their cuticles are aligned. They are the next best thing to Virgin Hair.  Luisant Remy are the best quality Remy you would find in the market.

Luisant Virgin Clip-In Collection:

Our Virgin Collection is our top-of-the-line range. It encapsulates what our brand is all about – quality and brilliance. Our Virgin Clip-In hair come from a single donor. It is then steam processed and coloured to create our luxurious high-end range. They are as close as you can get to original hair. They last the longest, even as long as 2 years. Cuticles are fully intact. The more you take care of them the shinier they are. Nurture them and care for them. Wash them, oil them – do what you would do with your own hair. 

Luisant Ombre Clip-In Collection:

Our Ombre Clip-In Remy collection describes a hair colouring technique where you get a seamless graduation from a darker base shade along the lenghts to a lighter one, usually starting around mid-way. Our Ombre collection is available in a range of lengths and shades.

Luisant Balayage Clip-In Collection:

Our Clip-In Remy Balayage range, as the French word "balayer" meaning "to sweep" suggests, offers a softer look than traditional highlights. Unlike with foil highlights, the colour is painted on as if with the stroke of an artist’s brush, resulting in a graduated, softer, natural look.

Luisant Highlights Clip-In Collection:

Our Clip-in Remy Highlights hair are fresh and youthful, adding dimension and movement to any base colour. Whether you prefer subtle and sun-kissed or bold and dramatic,our highlight extensions are the perfect way to enhance your natural hair colour.Highlights are strands of hair that are lifted to be a few shades lighter than the base. They brighten up locks, whether you go for only one level of lift or a more contrasting effect.