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How to wear Luisant Hair Halo Extensions?



For a divine, lush look! The quickest way to get length and volume, this one piece is all you need to go from meh to glam! It’s perfect for first-time users and quick to wear.

The Halo comes with an adjustable nylon wire so you can fit the weft perfectly to your head. Before wearing the Halo, be sure to adjust the size of the wire to your size (it's a bit tight but can be adjusted), otherwise the extensions will sit too low or too high on your head. The wire should be placed about an inch away from the hairline. It's different for everybody but an inch usually works. After that you need to push the weft down so that it sits firmly below the occipital bone. You can further adjust the wire if it's too tight or loose. Make sure the Halo sits comfortably around the crown of your head. It should gently touch your head, and should not move when you shake your head.





Besides the nylon wire, Luisant Hair Halo extensions come with two clips. Since Halo hair are all lumped into one weft, they become too heavy for just nylon wire to hold on to. These two clips give the weft additional support, ensure proper grip and secure the Halo in place giving you every chance to flip your hair without a care!


When Halo sits nicely below the crown of your head and both wire and clips are adjusted and secured, spread out your own hair to cover the nylon wire and the weft.