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How to wear Luisant Hair Clip In Bangs?


Luisant Hair Clip In Bangs-Luisant Hair

What could be more wonderful than having bangs without having to cut your own hair? Not only that, they won't grow back and not need constant care like real bangs. Put them on before a night out and take them off before hitting the gym!

Step 1:
This step is not to be performed at home. Take an appointment with your hair stylist and request to wash, condition and blow dry your clip-in bangs so that they can be styled easily.  Have the bangs styled and cut in your preferred length: long or short, and preferred style: blunt, curtain, choppy or side-swept. Get the longer pieces of hair on the side of the clip-in bangs trimmed to blend into your natural hair.

Step 2:
Brush your hair and part it down in the middle so that each side is even and flat against your head. You might want to push your hair behind your ear or pin it to the sides to get it out of your face.

Step 3:


Open all the three clips, the middle clip aligned to your middle part. Secure the side clips into your front hairline and the middle clips back towards your crown.  If you want to wear them shorter, just move the bangs back towards your crown until the ends of the fringe fall where you want them to be. Secure them with the clips.

Step 4:
Brush the bangs to blend into your natural hair and style them if you wish. You can wear them straight or wavy, sleek or tousled. Once the bangs are secured onto your hair, be careful with a hair dryer, a hair straightener or a curling iron so as not to tug too much on the secured clips.

Step 5:

Have fun with your new look!