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Different Looks Using Luisant Hair Extensions

PRO-TIP#1: Get a thick double Dutch-braid style using Luisant Hair clip-in extensions

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a really thick double Dutch braid hairstyle with clip-in extensions? Do you worry about the wefts and seams peeping through?

The answer lies in how you place the wefts. Here’s what you need to do : take a two clip or one clip weft (depending on how thick you want it) out from your set of Luisant Hair extensions and clip it into your hair vertically, in the same direction that you will braid your hair in. So, part your hair down the center and place the weft at a right angle to your center parting. As you start braiding the hair from the wefts will blend seamlessly in with the rest of your hair to create that adorable Dutch braid! Use the same technique on the other side and you’re good to go!

PRO-TIP#2: Use your Luisant Hair clip-in extension to create a braided hairband

Use a two-clip weft to create a regular braid, before attaching it to your hair. Using your thumb and forefinger loosen the loops of this braid to create a fun tousled look.

Part your hair just above the ear so that you have a bunch of loose strands hanging over the ear; and attach the weft securely here. Use the loose strands to pin them over the weft loosely with a booby pin. Now bring the braid over your head, to the other side so that it looks like a head band. Use another bobby-pin to secure the loose end of the weft on this side and voila! You’re done!