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Luisant Hair Blogs and Videos

What you must know

Our Remy Hair last from a few months to as long as a year. While they are processed (yes - let us share a little secret - all Remy Hair are!) they are 100% human hair. Luisant Remy are the best quality Remy you would find in the market.

Use your Luisant hair extensions to create different looks this spring!

PRO-TIP#1: Get a thick double Dutch-braid style using Luisant Hair clip-in extensions

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a really thick double Dutch braid hairstyle with clip-in extensions? Do you worry about the wefts and seams read more ...

How to wear Clip-In Extensions?

Our Clip-In Remy and Clip-In Virgin collections come with 8 wefts. These wefts have different widths and number of clips so that they can be easily blend with different sections of your natural hair. Giving your extensions a luscious natural look and that extra volume that you want, without anyone noticing it ☺

Best Reasons to Invest in Hair Extensions

Are you thinking of buying your first set of hair extensions? Do you love the idea but are just not sure of how to go about it? Maybe you want a glamorous look for an upcoming wedding or special event, or read more ...

Curling the hair extensions

This video shows you how to curl your hair extensions without any hassle and inconvenience.

All you need to know about Clip-In hair extensions:


Clip-in hair extensions, are hair extension wefts that you simply clip on to your own hair. They are a temporary, quick, easy and safe way to give your natural hair some great length and volume #. You do not need professional help to put on clip-in extensions. This can be done in a matter of minutes at home! All you need is a set of Luisant Hair clip-ins, a mirror and voila – you’re set! read more ...

How to wash your Luisant hair extensions at home


Quick tips for healthy hair:

Keep your scalp healthy:

A healthy and nourished scalp will automatically lead to a good head of hair. Dandruff is a common problem that leads to hair fall and makes the scalp look oily and the hair dry. A quick, easy and cheap solution for this can be found in your kitchen! read more ...

How to add volume to your ponytail

An easy way to add that desired volume to ponytails by adding hair extensions.

Caring for your Hair extensions:

Hair extensions that are made from real human hair require proper care just like your own. Since clip-ins are not exposed to elements for a long time, they require much less care. Tape-ins and fusion hair gets exposed to the elements such as sun, wind and chlorine and, therefore, can get matted, tangled or can even fall out. read more ...

How to style and put in clip in hair extensions?


Things to consider before buying hair extensions:

What’s with all the celebrities changing their look every few months? You can easily switch up your hairstyle too by adding length and volume with hair extensions. But where do you start? read more ...


How to wear Clip-In Ponytails?


Taking care of Tape-in hair extensions:

USE SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: This is a must-do for anyone, regardless of whether or not you wear hair extensions. However, if you’re wearing tape-in extensions, this becomes a non-negotiable. read more ...


Do's and Don'ts of Hair Care by Expert Stylist Alessandra Castelo.



How to style Clip-In Ponytails?